Implementing NGSS?

Check out our brand new curriculum that makes NGSS implementation easy and successful: SmartNGSS.

A research-based interactive curriculum designed to help you implement a Three-Dimensional instruction fully aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards curriculum (NGSS).

With SmartNGSS, students engage in science and engineering practices to construct understanding of natural phenomena while they learn core scientific ideas and identify cross-cutting concepts in multiple real-life contexts.

Smooth adoption by districts and teachers:

  • Broad and deep coverage of the standards: both Discipline Specific and Integrated alignments are available.
  • All instructional materials are provided in English and Spanish.
  • Learning with understanding derived from pedagogical rigor and research: using the 5E Instructional Model with fidelity through activities in the three dimensions of the NGSS.
  • Ease of use leveraging the digital platform: improved Instructional Management Tools help teachers teach science using digital technology.
  • Interactive content with real impact on student learning: full interactivity, including videos, animations, simulators, self-corrected activities...
  • Paper supplements: for students without computers in the classroom and for revision or study.

With SmartNGSS your transition to the NGSS has never been easier!

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